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    At Cathedral Quarter Pizzeria, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, and we prepare dishes that best suit them. Our pizzas are cooked quickly at a very high temperature. As such, it leaves our pizzas chewy, floppy, soft, and fresh with a thin base and blistery, puffy, charred, soft crusts. Some pizzas to expect from our restaurant include: Mare E Monte, Toscana, Veggie, Parma, Milano, Margherita, Double Pepperoni, Carnivora, Romana, Campagnola, Pollo, and Calzone.

    The good news is that you can order our dishes right at the comfort of your home, from our app from the google play store. And to make things easier, we deliver right away at your doorstep. We do a quick delivery anytime. With an experienced team, we have dishes from different cuisines in the world. We do our best to keep our customers from coming back for more pizzas and at least, we will always appreciate any review left by our customers. In fact, our restaurant depicts our customers' demands.

    Don’t waste more time, try our pizzas today by ordering from us. We’ll do our part by delivering our delicacies right to you! Enjoy!


    About Cathedral Quarter Pizzeria

    Are you looking for the best delicacies in town? Well, you can visit us at the cathedral Quarter Pizzeria. Our main objective is to come up with every kind of dish that will satisfy your needs in the best manner. With our range of dishes, you can choose your favorite dish in the best environment. We are so concerned about your safety and therefore our dishes are made under high hygienic levels to prevent any complaints by our customers. Better still, we are focused on doing our deliveries without any delay for better customer satisfaction. On the other hand, our staff members are well trained to offer the best customer service. This means that you will want to visit us every time. So whether you need a delicious breakfast or lunch, feel free to visit us at any time of the day and enjoy the wide range of delicacies we got to offer you.

    Restaurant location Cathedral Quarter Pizzeria

    We are located at 24 Donegall St Belfast BT1 2GP. Feel free to come fine with us at any time of day and you will enjoy all the kinds of delicacies that we got to offer you. Enjoy taking your favorite meal in such a welcoming environment. It will more of a wiser idea if you decide to come with your friends or family members to experience what we have in store for everyone. We can as well deliver your favorite dish to your home at any time and as you desire. Our delivery team is trained to deliver these delicacies in the best state in the most appropriate manner and time. This means that you do not have to wait for long after you order your food

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